Plans for ‘floating’ car dealership sunk by council

October 04 2018
Plans for ‘floating’ car dealership sunk by council

PLANS to build a “floating” car dealership next to the River Frome have been rejected by the city council.

The application to build on land at Glenfrome Road next to the M32 flyover was made on behalf of Naheed Khan, the owner of the Cabot Cars Centre in Whitehall Road.

The site is opposite Bridge Farm, on the Lockleaze side of the flyover between Stapleton Road and Sir John’s Lane, and is in the Stapleton and Frome Valley conservation area.

Bristol-based 3bd architects, who made the application, said the scheme would provide a business premises with an office and toilet and space for 14 cars, “whilst maintaining the character and preserving the wildlife corridor”.

They said the building would have an “amphibious” design, enabling it to “float” during floods, and a “green roof” and walls, planted with vegetation.  But objectors have questioned what would happen to cars parked on the site in the event of a flood.

Residents and parents of children at nearby Glenfrome Primary School were joined by Lockleaze ward Labour councillor Estella Tincknell in calling on the council to reject the plans, raising concerns over wildlife, flooding, traffic and road safety. 

The Environment Agency also objected, saying the high flood risk would make the new development “unsafe”.

The city council’s development management department rejected the plans under delegated powers in September, which meant they did not go before a committee of councillors for a decision.

A planning officer recommended they were turned down after a visit to the site. 

The officer cited road safety concerns, the dangers of building in a flood zone and the importance of the site as an open space in a conservation area, along with potential noise, light and air pollution concerns in making the recommendation.