Revised plans for Oldbury Court car park

June 05 2016

REVISED plans for a permanent overflow car park at Oldbury Court have been unveiled.

REVISED plans for a permanent overflow car park at Oldbury Court have been unveiled.
The new proposals come a year after the city council’s parks department withdrew its original  scheme following protests from people living near the popular leisure destination in Fishponds.
Now the council has come up with plans that it says have been welcomed by neighbours as using the best possible site in the park and having the least impact on the beautiful environment.
The permanent 66-space overflow car park will be  a type of hard standing which allows grass to grow through the stone material. Currently, an area of grass is being used for overflow parking on busy days, but this often becomes muddy and the council wants a better solution.
Until 2014, people using the children’s play area and park at peak times were able to part at UWE’s St Matthias Campus nearby but this is now being developed for housing, making it necessary to create more spaces within the park to ease the pressure on roads nearby.
“The proposal for a permanent overflow car park facility within the estate is a direct response to calls from residents, users and councillors to improve visitor experience and alleviate parking congestion,” the council report says. The council is inviting comments on its planning website – reference number 16/02301/FB before a decision to go ahead is taken.
Dog walker Kathleen Kigwana wants to see the park preserved. “This is supposed to be a green city so everything should be done to preserve its green spaces. The area proposed is next to a beautiful wooded place full of wildlife. The increased activity of a new car park would interfere with its present tranquility and beauty. When Oldbury Court was designed our ancestors had the foresight to plan for us. Note the 300 year old trees. Please keep this a green space for future generations,” she said.
David Mock, writing on the Fishponds Voice Facebook page, said that while the overflow car park was necessary, it might not solve the problem of visitors parking in Oldbury Court Road and adjoining streets.
“My suggestion is a sign somewhere near the top of Oldbury Court Road and Vassalls Road saying ‘Park Car Park Full’, ‘ No Parking Available Between Here and the Park’ or ‘On sunny summer days you may already have passed the last parking space to the park!’. Just might make some people avoid a long frustrating round trip and park a little further away,” he said.