Slow down - for the sake of our flowers!

May 01 2018
Slow down - for the sake of our flowers!

PEOPLE living in Symington Road in Fishponds are aiming to stop rat-run drivers - by installing two giant planters in the road.

They are one of eight streets in Bristol taking part in the Community Corners scheme, devised by Transport Research Laboratories (TRL) and funded by UK charity Road Safety Trust. Four streets are using planters. The aim is to slow down traffic and to help generate a sense of community.

The idea of taking action began late last year when, after consultation with all households, Symington Road Residents Group was formed.

On Saturday April 7, the road was shut while adults and children set up the planters and painted motifs on the road. 

The plants were chosen and supplied by Blaise nursery. Children from Little Hayes Nursery, on Symington Road, are also growing seedlings for the plantersr.

The scheme, backed by Bristol City Council, is an experiment - surveys were carried out before it came in and more will be conducted later this year to assess its impact.

A residents association spokesman said some people were not sure about the scheme but others had found it had transformed life, enabling them to stop and chat with neighbours, and discuss ideas for future activities that are fun, safe, and inclusive of the young and the older.

“The hope is that this will be the first of a series of measures that will help to signal to drivers that Symington Road is not a drag strip, but a community with people determined to make their road both safe and welcoming for all,” he said.