'Spare a thought for the locals when you park near Vassalls'

March 31 2017

VISITORS to Oldbury Court Estate are being urged to show they care by parking elsewhere.

VISITORS to Oldbury Court Estate are being urged to show they care by parking elsewhere.
The car park at the popular open space is not big enough to accommodate visitors at peak times, meaning cars are often left on neighbouring roads.
People living near the attraction, which includes the play park at Vassalls, fear the situation will be made worse if Bristol City Council goes ahead with a plan, approved by councillors in February, to charge for parking. Visitors seeking to avoid the charges will be tempted to leave their cars in the streets nearby.
The residents asked that consideration be given to residents' only parking or additional – and enforced – double yellow lines before a parking charge was brought in.
In a petition to the council, they said:  “Unlike Ashton Court and Blaise Castle Estates, Oldbury Court Estate has no convenient public transport and the car park is effectively located at the end of a long cul-de-sac, and is surrounded by residential streets, many of which are narrow and easily obstructed,” they said.
The residents pointed out that the  council has recognised the parking shortfall at Oldbury Court and has approved planning permission for a permanent overflow car park.
However, as work has not yet begun, this looks unlikely to be started before the autumn, meaning that a temporary overflow car park will have to be used, as in the last two or three years.
The council's website still states that parking is free at Oldbury Court. The Voice asked for a statement on when or if charges would be introduced but did not receive a response before going to print.
Stuart Main, who lives in Perryman's Close, said the council had been slow to communicate with residents.
He said many people were not aware of the proposal to charge for parking and urged visitors who were able to consider parking further away and walking to the park.
“Perryman's Close is narrow and it is a dead end. When cars are parked there it can be difficult for deliveries, emergency vehicles and nursing and care vehicles to get through,” he said.
Until 2013, the St Matthias campus of Bristol UWE provided an overflow car park, but this has now been developed for housing.