Spring arrives in Eastville Park

April 02 2022
Spring arrives in Eastville Park

News from the Friends of Eastville Park

THIS cob swan is making a very good job of emphasising his position as leader of the group as he looks out over Eastville Park lake on a beautiful evening.

The arrival of spring has seen nests being made and the park bursting with colour, as crocuses and daffodils push their way through the warming soil. Trees are full of bud and leaves are being tempted to burst into life.

The last few weeks have also brought some surprise visitors, including the first ever sighting of a red kite, little grebe, and the welcome return of both the heron and kingfishers.

We’re seeing and hearing a lot more from the owls, too, and we’ve been busy placing nest boxes for them in the enchanting Fishponds Brook.

All the while we see the park being used more and more by us humans, taking advantage of the many varied landscapes it has to offer.

The playing fields, tennis and basketball courts are busy well into the evening.

The Friends have all but finished the renovations at the Nissen Hut, and we’re delighted with the result of our efforts over winter. By the time you read this, we’ll have new windows and doors installed and running hot water again. Soon the toilets will be more accessible for disabled users.

We have started activities over the last few weeks, from party and activity bookings to our first café of the year, with over 500 customers coming through, to a background of live music from Karen Swan.

Being able to move back indoors after last year's café al fresco was a little daunting but, with our amazing team of volunteer helpers, we had a very successful day. There will be a few tweaks for the next café in April.

The revitalised bowls club begins its season in April. Each Friday evening, there are free ‘give it a go’ sessions between 5pm and 7pm. Just turn up and enjoy this wonderful game – you’ll soon be hooked!

Other exciting projects will come to fruition soon. Work to improve the Old Swimming Pool, with new seating and planting, will hopefully start within a few weeks.

We are also starting to install more benches around the park, and there is exciting news coming about improvements to the children's playground.

The Friends are looking forward to an exciting year ahead and we thank you for the wonderful support you have given us.

We are all on a journey together for an improved park with better facilities for everyone, a shared vision for the future and, especially, for our local community.

The Parkie

Picture: Travis Sokolov