Superheroes for the day at Chester Park

November 02 2018
Superheroes for the day at Chester Park

PUPILS at Chester Park Junior School morphed into comic superheroes for the day when they showcased their work to parents.

Mums, dads and carers were invited to view pupils' work but staff decided they wanted to make the event an unforgettable one.

They decided to host the school's first 'Comic Con', where staff and pupils dressed up as characters like Wonder Woman, Batman and the Incredible Hulk.

Visitors walked around dynamic and fun displays of pupils' work, creating an electric atmosphere in the school hall. There was even a photo-booth where mini superheroes posed for pictures.

Each year group’s contribution showcased what they had been learning in class, with Year 3 pupils creating their own comic strips based on their class text, Krindlekrax. 

Pupils from Year 4 crafted model volcanoes that actually erupted and made stop motion animations using the school’s iPads.

Youngsters in Year 5 wrote their own space-based narratives with superhero characters from another universe and Year 6 pupils wrote a report about their topic, the Minotaur.

Deputy head teacher Claire Woolley said: "The teachers wanted to do something spectacular to spark children’s learning for the start of the year and felt a whole school project based around comics would be perfect.  

"Putting all these things together in the same hall was a great act of teamwork and perseverance. It was an interesting and exciting day for everyone, and lots of children were overjoyed at the prospect of dressing up in fun costumes."

One Year 4 pupil said: "I loved creating my costume and seeing everyone else dressed up!"