Thank you from Lesley Alexander

June 05 2016

Thank you for voting for me again and I am privileged to serve you all for another four years.


Thank you for voting  for me again and I am privileged to serve you all for another four  years.
It was apparent during the campaign that the following issues were of importance to local people and I will continue to campaign for them.
The cleanliness and condition of the roads
Scrap the 20mph on main routes
End the banned left turn into Hockeys Lane
Supportive  of a new M junction 18A
Want a rejuvenated Fishponds Park
Against a one-way system for Stoke Lane for 12 months   
I also want older people to have a happy and fulfilled retirement in the company of others and they may wish to join the Begbrook Retirement Club.  There is a varied programme of events and I have obtained some funding for transport for house bound people.  There are also monthly tea parties for housebound people and both hostesses and  drivers are needed  for this.  Please ring me if you are interested in helping or if you are housebound and would like to attend.
Stoke Lane is a problem and the latest is that the traffic lights are now re-installed but the one-way system is not expected to be put into place until late July when Hambrook Lane should be re-opened and the school holidays have started.  Its future will depend on the outcome of reassessed traffic statistics which the Councils are undertaking but other options are being considered.  My contact details are tel. 0117 9651935 or .