Thanks for community efforts in the snow

March 29 2018

SEVERAL snowfalls in March created some beautiful scenes in Fishponds and the surrounding area but also caused headaches for individuals and organisations.

The Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees has praised everyone whose efforts during the severe weather meant critical services continued to operate, vulnerable people were cared for and major incidents were avoided.

Council staff  worked with police, the NHS, charities, Highways England, private care companies, voluntary agencies and many more, to safeguard health and wellbeing of citizens.

Marvin Rees said: “I want to thank everyone who contributed in some way to making sure that people were kept safe and helped vital services to carry on despite the disruption. It’s often said that it is in times of crisis that you see the extraordinary qualities of people and I can confidently say that this has been the case over the past few days.

“I am already being inundated with the stories of those who went that extra mile despite the challenges they faced in doing so. I’m hearing of staff in social care walking miles across the city to visit vulnerable people in their homes. 

“Outside of the council there are stories emerging of volunteers and charity workers trying tirelessly in the cold to encourage rough sleepers to take up one of the extra temporary beds provided by the city’s charity sector.

"I am grateful to everyone for their hard work and dedication.”