The day Christopher Walken walked into a Fishponds pub

September 30 2021
The day Christopher Walken walked into a Fishponds pub

IT'S not every day that a Hollywood legend goes for a drink in a Fishponds pub.

But landlord Steve Thomas, staff and regulars are now waiting for the moment the Oldbury Court Inn appears in a scene featuring Christopher Walken, in new BBC TV series The Outlaws.

The Voice reported last month that Oscar-winning star Walken (pictured above in a scene from the series), a veteran of more than 100 movies, had been seen at the pub and the nearby Vassall Centre.

Steve said the actor sat at a table in the bar of the Gill Avenue pub for a scene where a character in the comedy drama tries to buy a gun.

Steve Thomas at the table Christopher Walken sat at during filming 

A film company scout had walked in earlier in the year and asked if the pub could be used as a location. Steve said yes and, eight weeks later, was called with a date.

Filming took place on one morning in July, starting at 7am.

Steve said: "I was told Christopher Walken was in the scene.

"He turned up, did his bit, he said hello when he came in and said goodbye when he jumped in his car.

"He had a Winnebago up in Vassalls."

After filming the crew went straight off to shoot another scene at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, leaving before the pub's opening time at midday.

The crew also left behind the fake ice cubes from Walken's drink in the scene, which Steve has kept as a souvenir.

Christopher Walken and Kerry Howard sing karaoke in a scene from The Outlaws, filmed at another Bristol location

The buzz of activity and lights set up outside the windows drew a lot of attention, with locals coming to have a closer look.

The Outlaws, directed by Hanham-born comedian and actor Stephen Merchant, is described as "part crime thriller, and part character study – with humour and heart" and is about a group of strangers carrying out a Community Payback sentence.

It was previously known as The Offenders but has been renamed to avoid confusion with another series, The Young Offenders.

The transmission date for the show has yet to be confirmed by the BBC, which has made the series with Amazon Studios.