The Parkie: Spring is bursting out around us

March 05 2021
The Parkie: Spring is bursting out around us

News from the Friends of Eastville Park

WE’RE well into 2021 now, with the unusually early buds of spring bursting out around us. The worst of winter behind us and some wonderful warmer sunny days over the last couple of weeks; there is a great vibe about the place already.

The park is now used to seeing throngs of visitors, especially on a weekend, enjoying relaxing walks along the river path or idling an hour away at the lake, watching the antics of our incredible variety of birdlife.

Our latest visitors, a good number of Canadian geese, are a great attraction and are very eager to endear themselves as they join the swans and ducks keen for our Friends of Eastville Park bags of seed, which have helped us raise much-needed funds for the park.

The cormorants are perched high, keeping a watchful eye on their next meal and providing great entertainment as they drop down to feed on an abundant supply of fish in the lake.

The kingfisher remains a firm favourite, with more and more people able to catch a glimpse but still an elusive prize for those who just never seem to be in the right place at the right time. The tribute picture printed here has, bizarrely, turned out to be our most-viewed item ever on the group page. We have several other costumes we plan to surprise park visitors with over the next few months.

As difficult as 2020 has been for all of us, our group has been able to stay busy throughout the year, and it’s a great testament to our volunteers and supporters that the newsletter from our Secretary Chrissy Quinnell is crammed full of positive and encouraging activities that have kept our spirits high and given us hope for the year to come. Keep an eye out for some exciting announcements over the next few weeks.

We're really pleased to welcome back the Tokyo World festival on September 18-19 and look forward to the glitter-adorned lovelies being able to finally have some fun in the park once again. The festivals attract mixed feelings in the community but overall, because they are well-managed, safe and enjoyed by so many youngsters, the Friends continue to support them. Over the years, the donations we receive from festivals have significantly helped us to carry out much-needed work to many areas around the park.

As early signs of a move towards some sort of normality fill us with enthusiasm for the rest of this year we hope that everyone gets the chance soon to do the things that bring them joy – including more visits to Eastville Park.

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