Victorian buildings transformed for 21st century

October 04 2018

THE POSITIVE remarks in Chester Park Infant School's monitoring report couldn't have come at a better time.

Pupils finally moved into their refurbished school in Ridgeway Road in September after more than a year of upheaval and can now look forward to a more settled future.

It has also expanded and now takes 90 children in reception, rather than the previous 75.

Mr McNama said the revamp was already having a positive impact on learning.

"We still have a beautiful Victorian building from the outside but inside it now looks quite different," he said. "The whole school has been refurbished with two large halls, larger classrooms, good quality modern technology like interactive white boards and improved access to the site. The kitchen was relocated in order to establish a library in the centre of the school, so reading is at the heart of everything we do, which is really important.

Prospective pupils and their parents/carers will get the chance to view the new-look school during an open event on Monday October 15 from 5pm.