Women unite for World Day of Prayer

February 01 2018

WOMEN'S World Day of Prayer will be celebrated in Frenchay again this year.

WOMEN'S World Day of Prayer will be celebrated in Frenchay again this year. 

Frenchay Parish Church will be one of many churches throughout the country, and the world, taking part in a 36-hour wave of prayer that starts at dawn in Western Samoa and finishes in American Samoa on the same day. 

The origins of the Women’s World Day of Prayer go back to the 19th century with the aim of supporting women both at home and abroad. 

The first church services in Britain were held in the 1930s and nowadays a service is held all round the world on the first Friday in March every year. 

The women of one country, a different one chosen each year, write the words for the service. These words are then translated into over sixty languages and a thousand dialects. In return, the prayers of women throughout the world are focused on that country.

This year it is the turn of Suriname, South America, to compose the service.

There will be about 6,000 services taking place in the British Isles alone. 

The service at Frenchay Parish Church, on Frenchay Common, will take place at 10am on Friday March 2. 

It is open to women, children, and men. Although it will be a Christian act of worship, anyone is welcome to attend. Coffee will be served afterwards. There will be an opportunity to make a donation towards the work of the Women’s World Day of Prayer.