Wood you believe it? Really quite nice

March 29 2018

IT'S official - Fishponds is quite nice!

And as if to prove the point, this wooden sign has been put up along the river path, proudly guiding walkers and nature lovers towards Fishponds.

The hand-carved sign was the handiwork of Andrew Gee, Fishponds resident and member of Friends of Eastville Park, who undertook the project as part of a campaign to improve and celebrate the area.

The previous sign was looking somewhat forlorn but the new one, made from an old oak table, now sits perfectly among the natural surroundings.

Andrew said he was spurred into action after neighbour Susan Winter told him that people on the river path were always asking for directions to Fishponds.

He said: "Susan suggested I make one. She's such a lovely lady so I couldn't say no!"

Andrew admits to being "a gypsy at heart" and always keeps his eye out for abandoned hardwood furniture he can put to good use. "I have a good collection in my garage and every now and again find a way to use them more creatively."

Andrew tried carving by hand but then by chance found a small powered wood carving tool in a box of bits and pieces, which made the process much easier.

"Lack of investment in the park has meant that things start to look shabby and fall apart," he said. "The signpost was in a sorry state so I've been sat in front of log fire of an evening with my trusty carving tool in hand and have really enjoyed transforming a bit of an old English oak table into something that's useful and 'quite nice'.

"I'm very fond of Eastville Park and am involved with trying to think of ways to improve the environment for the wildlife and the experience for visitors, so I'm always on the lookout for things that need to be done and am the sort of person who just gets on and does them."

The 'Fishponds is quite nice' slogan was coined by the FishFest festival and has been used on mugs, pens and stickers - but never before on a wooden sign.