Young artists from learning centre put work on display in Fishponds

August 02 2019
Young artists from learning centre put work on display in Fishponds

YOUNG artists at Pathways Learning Centre are putting their work on public display this summer.

Pathways, in Overndale Road, teaches pupils who cannot be taught in mainstream schools and has 63 pupils aged between 5 and 16 on its roll.

This year is the third that the centre has run art exhibitions as part its community cohesion work. A mini arts trail will be staged across three community venues: Fishponds Library, Easton Community Centre and St Werburgh’s Community Centre.

 Finn Johnson (Year 10)

Art teacher Anita Gardner said: “We feel public art exhibitions are an essential element of celebrating achievement of the young people we work with. Many of the young people at PLC have not experienced a feeling of success or recognition within mainstream school and art is fantastic medium to provide an opportunity to be acknowledged in a positive way.

Public art is especially important as it can positively transform the visual environment and allow presence for an underrepresented, and often misunderstood sector of society. The exhibition's allow young people to share success with parents, carers, friends and the wider community. 

 Danni Boltz (Year 11)

Art teacher Samantha Williams added: “We aspire to provide a truly individual curriculum, especially when it comes to the arts, which is such a personal visual documentation about the self and our likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies.

When learners arrive here we take the time to get to know them and plan a topic around each person. The topics range greatly, from 2D including, graffiti, painting, pen work, collage and screen printing, to name a few, to 3D including, mod roc, clay, up-cycling and all types of sculpture. We are also passionate about photography.

 Karmelo Furness (Year 9)

We are proud of the work the learners do here a Pathways Learning Centre: students feel positive about their work and enjoy their lessons here. It is fantastic that they have an opportunity to showcase their art to a wider audience, and we hope you enjoy looking at their hard work.”

The display at Fishponds Library runs from August 9 to October 31, Easton runs from July 31 to October 31 and St Werburgh's from August 2 to 31.


Aliyah Hayden (Year9)